Saturday, 5 March 2016

Patch Gaming March Update!

Hello There again!

Patch Gaming is moving along at a steady pace, we have now over 700 members on our Discord server and are currently one of the most active groups on Discord!

Also you may notice that we have had a bit of an image change, Thanks to the awesome artist Damien Helix, you can find his Twitter here: or @DMNHLX.

Patch is slowly becoming more and more busy, we have a few plans in the works and are working towards turning Patch Gaming into a non-profit organisation which will open up a whole new world of possibilities. 

Our Event schedule is filling out and we have something planned for almost every day so there is always something to get involved in, and you can always find both edited and unedited recordings of most events on our Youtube channel, which you can find below.

As always you can expect a nice warm welcome here at Patch so if you ever feel the need to chat about your issues, offload some stress or just meet new people to hang out with, chat and play games, come along to the Discord server and join in.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

Project Patch Gaming Community!

Wow, it's been a while since I've done this, well here goes nothing. It's amazing how life finds a way to mess up your best laid plans, but for every door that closes a new one opens. Today I'd like to just introduce Project Patch, a relatively new on-line community for a good cause.

What is Project Patch?

Project Patch seeks to reach out to and connect with people who are suffering from mental illnesses and create a community in which these people can safely and securely interact with others who are also suffering from mental illness. Project Patch works to create an environment which provides an outlet for these individuals to express themselves and be accepted. Project Patch creates this community through both video games and tabletop games, and works to connect gamers with like-minded individuals with whom they can talk, play, and relate with.


Project Patch is in no way, shape, or form an entity or economic community which provides legal, licensed, or sanctioned therapeutic or psychiatric help. Any advice or help provided by the community is done so on a non-professional basis and is not intended to supersede or act as a replacement for professional help. In the event that a member of the Project Patch community seeks out professional help, an administrator or moderator of Project Patch will provide them with contact details for the appropriate professional service to fit the need of that community member.

Where to Find us

Primarily we are located on Discord, a free to use chat and voice server where anyone can join anonymously or under a guise and become a member of Project Patch. You can download the desktop app from the Discord website and it is also available on iPhone and android. Here are a few useful links to help you get connected:

Discord Main Channel:

Project Patch is here to provide comfort and support to anyone who needs it, no matter where you are in the world or what issues you are dealing with, it is a friendly place to meet new people and most importantly, have fun through gaming.

There is further information on what we do on our Discord server so feel free to join and have a snoop around or introduce yourself in the new_users channel. We currently have over 600 members from all across the world so there will always be someone there to help you settle in and join the family.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Mistborn: Draft Brief & Main Character Descriptions

Project Brief: I will choose a selection of three or more characters from the book 'The Final Empire', and develop them into finalised 2D character concept designs for a video game based on the book. Along with this I will include lore and additional background assets to bring context to the characters and their world. 

Expected Outcome:

-Three final character turnarounds 

-Three character bibles

-Allomancy metals chart

- 1-2 Environment paintings

Main Characters:

Vin: 16yr old girl, short black hair and brown eyes, very small and skinny for her age, brought up by her brother travelling from town to town as thieves. A ‘street urchin’ who prefers to be alone and hides from others to feel safe. Very self-conscious, street smart and intelligent.  Wears very simple clothing, overalls and a white work shirt.

Kelsier: tall hawk-faced, light blond hair, wares a relaxed nobleman’s suit and cloak. Approx. 35yrs old. Cheery and enthusiastic at all times, smiling at almost every opportunity. Self-confident air and posture and a born leader. Small white scars criss-crossed all over his lower arms, all the way to the elbow.

Dockson: Mid height, dark half beard and close cropped straight hair, also wears a nobleman’s suit. Intelligent and well mannered, care free and resigned attitude.

Hammond: Tall, strong build of a soldier with a chiseled face. Wore a sleeveless shirt, with close cropped hair that stands up slightly. Friendly and funny, full of philosophical questions and known for his interest in debate.

Breeze: Sharply dressed in a nobleman’s suit, plum vest, gold buttons, black overcoat, short brimmed hat and duelling cane, well styled black hair. Portly stature and in hid mid 30s-40s, well-spoken and light heartedly condescending.

Clubs: Dull tan overcoat, brown trousers and simple white shirt. Knotted and gnarled face like twisted wood, dark disapproving eyes, looked old and young at the same time.

Yedden: Leader of the Skaa rebellion, wares grey Skaa worker clothes and a patchwork brown workers coat. Short with curly brown hair

The Lord Ruler: Handsome with jet black hair and pale skin, tall thin and confident and young. Dressed in a black and white uniform, like a nobleman’s suit but exaggerated. The coat reached down to his feet and trailed behind him, with a pure black vest accented with elaborate white markings. Fingers glittered with rings. 

*      *      *

Once I have decided on the characters I will push into design, I will create a character bible for each, going further into the characters personality, background and role in the story. This will eventually be accompanied by appropriate lore and the final concept designs.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A New Start! Mistborn: The Final Empire

Hello everyone! I realise it has been a while (Quite a while) since I have made an update on my blog, however, I am back with a new personal project and excited to begin working once again. 

The project I am beginning is based upon Brandon Sanderson's book The Final Empire, book one of three in the Mistborn saga. The book lends it's self to many project possibilities, and I have decided to to it into a character design project, as each and every character in this book has a unique and bizarre personality. I believe that the book holds much more potential to be expanded into a much larger project, such as a animated series and video game, and I am going to aim the overall aesthetic and design towards a stylised video game.

Mistborn: The Final Empire synopsis.

The Skaa, a slave race, have lived under the oppression of the Lord Ruler and his nobles for a thousand years, and every attempt at rebellion has been crushed. However, a new kind of uprising is being planned and an unexpected heroin, Vin, a Skaa street thief, is thrust into the centre and must learn to master Allomancy, the mystical power of a Mistborn.

Vin meets Kelsier, another Mistborn who intends to bring the slavery of the Skaa to an end, with the aid of his crew they go about planning the downfall of The Final Empire and the Lord Ruler himself. Kelsier takes Vin under his wing and begins training her in the arts of Allomancy, which consists of 'burning' metal to release its power. Soon the crew begins to bring down the empire piece by piece inevitably leading to the final battle between against the Lord Ruler.

*   *   *

I will have a written project brief up very soon followed by further information on the key elements and Ideas of the book. I intend to create some lore following some areas of the book as I feel it will bring some much needed understanding to the project and the characters.

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Major Project: Rover and Drill Turnarounds

Here are the turnarounds for my rover and drill models before compositing the final graphics and overlays in After Effects.



And now here are the turnarounds with the finishing touches.



And finally here is the composition which will accompany the IMF industry brochure which I am still working on as of this moment.