Saturday, 5 March 2016

Patch Gaming March Update!

Hello There again!

Patch Gaming is moving along at a steady pace, we have now over 700 members on our Discord server and are currently one of the most active groups on Discord!

Also you may notice that we have had a bit of an image change, Thanks to the awesome artist Damien Helix, you can find his Twitter here: or @DMNHLX.

Patch is slowly becoming more and more busy, we have a few plans in the works and are working towards turning Patch Gaming into a non-profit organisation which will open up a whole new world of possibilities. 

Our Event schedule is filling out and we have something planned for almost every day so there is always something to get involved in, and you can always find both edited and unedited recordings of most events on our Youtube channel, which you can find below.

As always you can expect a nice warm welcome here at Patch so if you ever feel the need to chat about your issues, offload some stress or just meet new people to hang out with, chat and play games, come along to the Discord server and join in.

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