Saturday, 12 January 2013

Adaptation: Initial Ideas and research

This project offers up endless possibilities as the choice of what to create, and what to adapt is huge. I was instantly draw to the idea of creating a music video or an animated short adapted from a piece of music as music is my first true passion (on par with animation).

Not only must I decide what piece of music I should use, but I also need to decide on the style of animation to use, and so I have been looking at various music videos and animated shorts for inspiration.

                                         Queens Of The Stone Age-Go With The Flow


                                                   Everything Everything-Schoolin'


                                                         Is Tropical-The Greeks


                                                 The Shins-The Rifle's Spiral


And here are a couple of short animations which I added because I really like the stylized feel that they give.

                                 'Mighty Antlers' Dir. Sune Reinhardt Fogtmann


                                 'Katedra (The Cathedral)' Dir. Tomek Bagiński


As far as music goes, I have a lot of ideas at the moment, and it is going to be quite the challenge to narrow it down to only one piece. There are a variety of songs which hold specific connotations due to their genre and I have to give it some thought as this will determine the overall style of the animation. Here are a couple of the songs I am contemplating at the moment.

                                               Albert King-The Sky Is Cryin'
       (This Live version is the best quality version I could find, my apologies, however it is amazing.)


                            This Will Destroy You-Burial on the Presidio Banks




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