Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Major Project: Initial Project Idea

Something which I have always found interesting, and somehow satisfying, are large industrial machines. The sheer scale of some machines used in industrial mining are colossal, but also incredibly intricate and complex. Another thing which I find incredibly interesting is space exploration and the mysteries of out solar system and universe. In 2013 NASA's Curiosity rover discovered definitive evidence that water once existed on Mars and possible evidence that there may still be liquid water deep within the planet.

For this project, I had an idea to design industrial mining equipment which has been created to mine deep into the surface of Mars in search of further evidence of water. These machines would be based upon modern technology which has been redesigned to withstand the atmosphere on the surface of Mars, with technological advances.

The project would consist of a series of concept designs of the machines, and from these designs I will select 2-3 which I will push into 3D development resulting in fully rendered models.


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