Saturday, 19 January 2013

Adaptation: Music Research

After thinking further for this project, I have decided that I will adapt a piece of music to a 3D digital set for gaming, as I have an affinity for gaming and the fantasy worlds which we can find and explore. Finding a musical piece for this project is proving a challenge, but I am enjoying it, combing my two favourite things, music and gaming, has me very excited.

Piece 1: Philip Aaberg "Oh, Shenandoah"


The strings in the background of this piece offer a sense of space and landscape, while the light and joyful piano give a warm and happy feel. In all the piece feels very fantasy like, with a bright array of lush colours and warm sunlight. The lightness of the composition gives me the sense of a large green expanse, scattered with beautiful blue lagoons and rolling waterfalls. In all this feels like a very calm and tranquil place, in terms of gaming perhaps this is a section in a game where the character/s are travelling towards a destination or quest and this is the calm before the storm. There is little combat in this area except that of wild creatures that live in this expanse, and there is plenty of time for exploring this calm landscape.

Piece 2: Chris Elliot- "Childhood Dream"


The flute in this piece paints me an image of a high mountain range, covered in snow. The atmosphere feels very peaceful, perhaps this place is a monument of piece or a temple of some sort, hidden far in the mountains away from the chaotic world. The flute may also offer up a slightly oriental style giving me the image of some kind of monastery or temple. The ambient orchestral accompaniment gives a greater impression of the vast space in this piece, giving me the impression of a still and quiet atmosphere. In terms of gaming, this could be a main area of the story where a major event takes place, and the character/s must travel up a treacherous mountain path to reach this area, combating wild creatures or enemies that dwell withing the scattered caves in the mountain.


  1. Hey Anthony :)

    Survey time again! See link...


  2. I've been looking back at some of your earlier research and I love the variety of music videos and shorts that you've included! :) I also like that you can already visualise environments when listening to these two pieces of music. Looking forward to seeing where you'll take this!