Saturday, 24 September 2011

Photoshop session 1

We had our introduction to Photoshop this week with "Photoshop Phill" and I thought it would be a good idea to just write something about it and upload the image which I ended up creating.

I have used Photoshop in previous work but I am no where near an expert and after seeing some of Phill's work its even more apparent, although in all fairness he does have 15 years on me.
I have learnt a few tricks from the session that we had which will help make things easier in the future and as soon as my new graphics tablet arrives i will begin my training, so to speak, as concept art is the subject which I am most interested in.

So to begin with we were told to create a silhouette of the thing we wanted to paint, I chose to stick with my animal I was given for my Anatomy project which was the black and white Lemur.

Since Lemurs are black and white the silhouette provides most of the animals colour which made the rest of the colouring easy. This was just a trail and a mess around in Photoshop but I am also going to include this image as one of my studies of the black and white Lemur and I am also going to do several more quick paintings in photoshop to use as studies.

And here is the final image, this only took around 10 minuets to complete but I like the style of the image and it is a really affective way of capturing a figure, kind of the same as doing a speed sketch where the purpose is to capture the shape of the object you are drawing with detail added later.


  1. Hey Anthony,

    I'm pleased to hear you had an inspirational time on Friday - and it's great to see you embracing new ways of doing things. Striking first image - more please! :)

  2. Hey Anthony - just to let you know, that as his original creative partner is no longer on the course, Lloyd is now joining you and Fred in yours - his blog is below - go introduce yourself and bring him into the fold... cheers!

  3. Hey Anthony, i like the style of your art work above, its simple and i can see what it is straight away. which is what you intended to do which is also a good thing, looking forward to more from ya. =)