Thursday, 14 August 2014

Mistborn: Draft Brief & Main Character Descriptions

Project Brief: I will choose a selection of three or more characters from the book 'The Final Empire', and develop them into finalised 2D character concept designs for a video game based on the book. Along with this I will include lore and additional background assets to bring context to the characters and their world. 

Expected Outcome:

-Three final character turnarounds 

-Three character bibles

-Allomancy metals chart

- 1-2 Environment paintings

Main Characters:

Vin: 16yr old girl, short black hair and brown eyes, very small and skinny for her age, brought up by her brother travelling from town to town as thieves. A ‘street urchin’ who prefers to be alone and hides from others to feel safe. Very self-conscious, street smart and intelligent.  Wears very simple clothing, overalls and a white work shirt.

Kelsier: tall hawk-faced, light blond hair, wares a relaxed nobleman’s suit and cloak. Approx. 35yrs old. Cheery and enthusiastic at all times, smiling at almost every opportunity. Self-confident air and posture and a born leader. Small white scars criss-crossed all over his lower arms, all the way to the elbow.

Dockson: Mid height, dark half beard and close cropped straight hair, also wears a nobleman’s suit. Intelligent and well mannered, care free and resigned attitude.

Hammond: Tall, strong build of a soldier with a chiseled face. Wore a sleeveless shirt, with close cropped hair that stands up slightly. Friendly and funny, full of philosophical questions and known for his interest in debate.

Breeze: Sharply dressed in a nobleman’s suit, plum vest, gold buttons, black overcoat, short brimmed hat and duelling cane, well styled black hair. Portly stature and in hid mid 30s-40s, well-spoken and light heartedly condescending.

Clubs: Dull tan overcoat, brown trousers and simple white shirt. Knotted and gnarled face like twisted wood, dark disapproving eyes, looked old and young at the same time.

Yedden: Leader of the Skaa rebellion, wares grey Skaa worker clothes and a patchwork brown workers coat. Short with curly brown hair

The Lord Ruler: Handsome with jet black hair and pale skin, tall thin and confident and young. Dressed in a black and white uniform, like a nobleman’s suit but exaggerated. The coat reached down to his feet and trailed behind him, with a pure black vest accented with elaborate white markings. Fingers glittered with rings. 

*      *      *

Once I have decided on the characters I will push into design, I will create a character bible for each, going further into the characters personality, background and role in the story. This will eventually be accompanied by appropriate lore and the final concept designs.


  1. Looking forward to your interpretations of this book and its characters Anthony. I finished The Final Empire not too long ago and really enjoyed it :)

    1. Thankyou Max, there will be a slight delay to future posts though due to me moving homes at the moment, but I have plenty of ideas for the characters :)