Tuesday, 12 August 2014

A New Start! Mistborn: The Final Empire

Hello everyone! I realise it has been a while (Quite a while) since I have made an update on my blog, however, I am back with a new personal project and excited to begin working once again. 

The project I am beginning is based upon Brandon Sanderson's book The Final Empire, book one of three in the Mistborn saga. The book lends it's self to many project possibilities, and I have decided to to it into a character design project, as each and every character in this book has a unique and bizarre personality. I believe that the book holds much more potential to be expanded into a much larger project, such as a animated series and video game, and I am going to aim the overall aesthetic and design towards a stylised video game.

Mistborn: The Final Empire synopsis.

The Skaa, a slave race, have lived under the oppression of the Lord Ruler and his nobles for a thousand years, and every attempt at rebellion has been crushed. However, a new kind of uprising is being planned and an unexpected heroin, Vin, a Skaa street thief, is thrust into the centre and must learn to master Allomancy, the mystical power of a Mistborn.

Vin meets Kelsier, another Mistborn who intends to bring the slavery of the Skaa to an end, with the aid of his crew they go about planning the downfall of The Final Empire and the Lord Ruler himself. Kelsier takes Vin under his wing and begins training her in the arts of Allomancy, which consists of 'burning' metal to release its power. Soon the crew begins to bring down the empire piece by piece inevitably leading to the final battle between against the Lord Ruler.

*   *   *

I will have a written project brief up very soon followed by further information on the key elements and Ideas of the book. I intend to create some lore following some areas of the book as I feel it will bring some much needed understanding to the project and the characters.

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