Monday, 30 January 2012

Unit 4: Story Telling


A new unit and its story telling, and pre-visualisation. I have to say, I am quite excited about this unit as pre-vis is something which I have a fair amount of experience with. To begin, here are my three components:

- A Laboratory
- A Goldfish Bowl
- A Window Cleaner

My initial thoughts; this is going to be one unusual story to say the least. somehow I feel that the goldfish will be an intricate piece of the story and will hold great importance upon the impact of the plot.

A window cleaner being the main character is going to prove to be a challenge in terms of coming up with a plausable story as to why he would be in a Laboratory. Perhaps he is trying to create a new substance which keeps glass cleen and is experimenting on the fish bowl? Just one among many of the strange ideas which I have to sieve through.

Well at any case, here goes something!


  1. Hello =D
    I know what you mean when you say that a goldfish sparks more ideas in terms of stories than a window cleaner does. However, all is not lost!
    Maybe the lab is located within a fish bowl.
    And who said that the window cleaner is supposed to be a human? He/she/it could be a little worm that has been assigned to clean the windows of 'the lab at the bottom of a fish bowl'.
    Just initial ideas that came into my head at the mention of the three words that you got.

  2. Maybe a window cleaner cleaning the windows of a laboratory and the mutated goldfish from the bowl exploding into a monster and haunting the cleaner in the laboratory. Adventures and many things happening!

    Don't know for sure, just random ideas that came to my mind with your 3 word. But i like the 3 words, i think they can make a really funny adventurous story! Keep on with ideas, we will have also to meet!

  3. Hi – please don’t ignore this information – it’s important you order your animation materials NOW – delivery can take up to 3 weeks and you can’t participate in the animation workshops without the requisite materials. (If you’re organized already, ignore this prompt!).

    In the past, students have clubbed together to buy a pack of paper between them so at least they’ve got something to get started with; but trust me on this – you’re going to want a pegbar of your own!

  4. Haha hey, I think it a great combination you have for your unit 4! :D Sounds quite interesting.. Whaha somehow I imagine clumsy window cleaner, who cleans fish bowl as well and accidentally breaks it :D.. Looking forward to see your project development! :D