Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Unit 4: Initial Story Idea

Hello Everyone!

Here is my initial plot/storyline for my story, this is just my first draft so it isn't set out correctly and is just a brief outline. Any and all comments are welcome and encouraged, thanks.


(Early morning. A series of emphasising shots arranged as a montage show the following scene.)

Steven Smith, a 32 year old window cleaner, begins his day like any other. He wakes up and changes into his work overalls, gathers a bucket, squeegee and a ladder and throws them into the back of a van. a close up of the side of the van shows the company name; Steve Smith, Squeegee Window Cleaning Co.


(L.S shows the van enter from a distance and pull up to a house on a street. C.U of Steven's feet as he exits the van and pans up to reveal him for the first time)
Steven exits the van, collects his equipment and sets up ready to begin cleaning the lower windows on the house. As he is cleaning one of the windows, it flips open and he falls into the building and lands in a dark, dank room.

He climbs to his feet and begins to wander around the room looking for an exit, as he does he finds he is surrounded by a strange array of machinery covered in lights and screens. In the centre of the room is a large glass case connected to a console by a series of wires and tubes. A single light is shining down onto the case highlighting an object within. Steven approaches the glass case to examine what is inside and discovers that within the case is what appears to be an ordinary goldfish bowl.
As Steven gets closer to the case, he notices a strange aura exuding from within the bowl. Intrigued, he presses up against the glass case, and out of the corner of his eye he notices a large glowing button on the console. At first he resists, but decides to push the button. Suddenly there is a roar as the machine powers up, electricity flickers along the wires to the case, and a blinding light causes Steven to look away.

(I've been struggling to come up with an ending for this story and I have a couple of ideas so I would appreciate it if you could give me your opinions on which one works best, or any thoughts on a new ending.)

Ending No. 1

As the light fades the glass case rises and Steven looks once again at the goldfish bowl. A small ball of light begins to rise from the bowl and floats over towards him, as it touches his skin a close up of his eyes shows the light reflected in them. Suddenly the light begins to seep into Steven's hands, a short animatic sequence shows the light infecting his body through his veins and arteries, right up to his brain. The camera captures Steven's facial expression in confusion as his body begins to dissipate. The camera zooms out as Steven slowly vanishes and all that is left is a squeegee which falls to the floor, the final shot is a close up of the squeegee laying in the middle of the laboratory.

Ending No. 2

When the light fades Steven returns to look at the glass case to find that he is in a completely different place, It appears to be a void in which he has been transported to. As he looks around he can see stars and planets and as he looks to his feet it seems that he is floating on nothing. In the distance he can see a bright light, as he strains his eyes to exam the distant light there is a huge explosion and behind him forms a black hole. Steven begins running towards the light as everything around him is sucked into the void, the closer he gets to the light the greater the black hole becomes. Just as he reaches the light and throws himself through it, the last of the space is consumed and he is thrown onto the floor of the laboratory once more. Scared and confused he runs to the window he fell through and climbs out, grabs his stuff and speeds off in his van.

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