Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Adaptation: Island Modeling

Whilst trying to convert my concept art into a 3D model, I have noticed that I will have to simplify the overall shape of my floating landmasses. However after pondering on the idea for a while, I have decided that I will experiment by creating the initial geometry of the landmass in Maya, and then export the model to Mudbox in order to create the jagged, rough shaping of the rocky cliffs that I am wanting to create. The main issue I will have to face will be trying to create the amount of detail in the shape of the rocky faces, while maintaining the low poly count required for the digital set, as the landmass is supposed to be a large environment. It may be that I have to decrease the size of environment in order to keep the high detail mesh which I am heading towards.

As for the detail of the set, I have decided that the main structure in this little girls dream land will be a teddy bear, as it is a symbol of childhood innocence and can also help create that uncanny atmosphere which the scene is supposed to represent. As the musical piece that I am adapting is quite melancholy I thought that a teddy would be perfect for the main aspect of this scene. A teddy is a very personal item, it can be a beloved  and cherished companion through a child's life, and I thought that this girls connection to her only friend in the real world could be personified greatly in her dreamland , with the only symbol of real 'happiness' she has slowly fading into the ether along with herself.

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