Sunday, 4 September 2011

Life Form Refinement Part 2

After taking into consideration a comment I recieved, I have decided to put forward my seccond Life Form design. This design is styled to look as if it is made from a skeleton and dwells in dark, dry places which is why there is very little muscle, and has only one eye.

I will be uploading the final turn around very soon.


  1. Great! Much more interesting than the first design.

  2. You see! Well done, Anthony - about 1,000 times more 'you' :D I'm very encouraged - it's not always easy to get feedback that's not a 100% endorsement of your stuff - the trick is (and will continue to be) to use feedback creatively - hit your idea with it like a stick and see what sticks, see what falls away - it's normal, essential, and important. I look forward to those turnarounds and colour schemes etc.