Saturday, 3 September 2011

Summer Project: Creativity 101

Ok then, this is my first post of many to come over the next 3 years, since this is my first time creating a blog I hope everything goes as planned. For this project I decided to work on A4 sheets of paper instead of a sketch book so that I could churn out all the ideas I had. After looking at the source objects i decided to start by playing around with some silhouettes.

As  you can see these are just very basic shapes which I bent and morphed in an attempt to discover some interesting shapes. After this I decided to concentrate on creating a Life Form from the various objects we had been given.

(you'll have to excuse the nubering since they are not in order)

With the design above I decided to move away as it was reaching a final stage and I wanted to continue developing strange and unusual creatures. I then mooved on to a different object and tried to come up with a few more ideas.

At this point I felt like I should take a step back from the Life From ideas and focus on something else to give my mind a rest. I mooved on to designing the Machine and started by slowly edditing the aspects of one of the given objects.

I realised that my Machine was begining to look suspiciously simular to an AT-AT from Star Wars and so I decided to select the earlier drawings (#17) to develop further into my final Machine design.
This meant that the only thing left to do was to develop my Structure which I was very excited about as I havent realy had the opertunity to design structures in my past work.

Here I toyed with the idea of having a floating building using the supporting frame from one of the objects. I thought that this could tie in nicely with my Machine design but after some thought I decided to go in a different direction and tried to develop a more distressed look.

With this design I thought it would be a good contrast to the Machine I had designed as i could tie it in with a short narrative. With technology surpassing the modern world and constantly changing, older buildings are left to ruin and so I decided to design a temple sort of building which had been left to the wilderness.

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  1. Hey Anthony :D

    Great to see your thumbnails arrive in a flurry on your blog, and it's great to see you swerving designs bearing too close a resemblance to existing stuff. Just an observation: there's one sheet, in which you morph from the vase shape into some kind of horned creature; this feels the least satisfying of your sketches, simply because the creature feels generic and it feels as if here, you're not really using the object, but rather bypassing it to get to a drawing you could have generated easily without it. The first sets of silhouettes seem strong to me, with lots of potential for transformation and unexpected outcomes...