Monday, 3 October 2011

Influence Map

I found it very difficult to find many images that related to thr hybridization of Lemurs and anything else so i began taking insperation from other areas.

I chose the top image as I thought it related to this project on many levels, the idea of shedding a skin to become something new, in my case a lemur, but tis also works as a representation of 'the beast within' as the figure is tearing out of the skin worn as a mask to hide the urges within. I thought that i coukld use this image and have myself tearing away at my skin to reveal the lemur within, even though lemurs arn't exactly nown for being beastly.

The image in the bottom right is the only peice of art that I have found which incorporates a human with a lemur, the figure is still human in terms of the body but it seems as if the figures state of mind is now that of a lemur, this is apparent from the figures sitting stance and his beady, focused eyes which are just like those of a lemur.  

The image in the bottom left is actualy from the new 'Planet of The Apes' film, i included this image as 'Planet of The Apes' is a film about evolution and the apes resemble humans to a remarkable extent as the facial features and stature are all there. I used this images to remind myself that we are actually animals and that many of our animal instincts are still very much with us.

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