Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Unit 3: Environment Initial Ideas

For this unit i must focus on the concept of 'the uncanny' and so i have began looking at areas which we recognise and take for granted, as these can provide a good source for my design.
I began looking at films which i feel give a sence of 'the uncanny' such as 'Silent Hill'

'Silent hill' is a great film which offers a large amount of suspense with some amazing settings which scream 'uncannieness' and i feel this film will influence my work greatly. Here are a few images film.

For my digital set I am thinking of focusing on either a large shoppoing mall or an elementary school as both are ares which we are familiar with and if anything was a bit 'off' about them we would notice it quite clearly. For the mall I am thinking of emptying it out and using manikins to create shadow, and use lighting to set an eerie atmoshphere. The school would be done in a simular way with the use of natural lighting to create a sence of the uncanny.

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