Thursday, 27 September 2012

I'm Back! Lesson 1: Intro to Mudbox & Narrative Breif

After a long and un-eventful summer, it's back to work with year 2! The first workshop of the year was an introduction to Autodesk Mud box, and just learning the basic tools with the program.

After a little bit of messing around I'm starting to feel comfortable with the controls and this should prove to be a very useful tool in the future.

The first project of the year, Narrative & Character. For this Narrative project we have been placed into groups to form our own little studio, and have been given a specific time period on which to focus a short animation on. The time period which our studio, Pixel Reign, was given is The Middle Ages (Dark Ages) and specifically the year 800-900.

My fellow colleagues in Pixel Reign are:

Jake Carpenter

Ilmi Omar

George Whiley

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