Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Maya: Modeling Lesson 1

Preparing for the Character project soon upon us, we have begun to practice modelling techniques in Maya. For this we have a basic character cross section to work from, and the first step was to model the characters torso. Starting with a cube, the basic geometry  is made by simply shaping it to match the shape from the cross section.

Once the basic shape of the torso is made, the next step is to create the arm or sleeve. to do this takes a bit more skill and concentration as when creating a circle using polygons, triangles will often appear which mess with the geometry. I had a few instances of this, however after some tweaking I was able to form the basis of the arm.


Creating the sleeve proved a bit tricky for me at first, but once I had sorted out some vertex into their correct place it began to take shape. The final step in creating the torso was to add the collar to the top of the shirt, again I had a few issues with triangles appearing, but i soon found a way to correct them after deleting a few faces and edges to recreate the geometry.

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