Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Character Design: Hero Progression

I have been working hard to try and push my designs nearer a completed state, and so have been working on some concept art for my hero.

I feel like I am slowly getting to a style which fits the Apocalyptic world that these characters inhabit, with a washed out colour pallet, and small use of colour to add detailing to the characters. I tried placing the character into a surrounding which gave the impression of a wasteland to see how they fit in.

1 comment:

  1. Other than the sword, I dont think I am getting Ninja from this design. Its maybe the hooded coat - I think you should try for something a little more tight fitting, with hide weapons etc. Also, I would think about the mask - Its difficult to tell his species. Perhaps design something that covers the eyes, but leaves the snout free - I know thats been done with teenage Ninja Mutant turtles, but when you add masks to anthropomorphic heads, it always looks strange. I had the same issue with a fox thief I was working on a few years ago:


    (Scroll down 75%)