Saturday, 29 December 2012

Character Design: Villain Progression

Over the festive period I have been slowly working on the character Jun, my villain. Again I was having the problem of making the character look 'ninjary' without taking up stereotypical design aspects and just throwing on a black suit. I feel like the design I have come to has an even balance between a ninja look, and the wastelandic design I was heading for. 

The idea behind this character required him to have a brutish feel to him, due to his harsh up-bringing and his 'Head Ninja' occupation. To do this, I create the body shape to be an average height, and gave him very broad shoulders, with a smaller head to emphasize this. The leather shoulder armor gives a battle hardened look, and sits within the materials available in a wasteland. As the same with my hero design, the mask proved to be the most difficult item to design, as it often obstructed the features of the character, but leaving the muzzle and ears free helped to maintain the Fox features. 

1 comment:

  1. Great stuff- I think his your strongest designs so far. All I would say is that his face looks a little friendly, heroic so perhaps give him a sterner, aggressive expression. You may also want to introduce a little darkness to his fur (like the foxes darker feet and arms) to reinforce his villainous status.