Thursday, 24 January 2013

Adaptation: Music Visualisation

I am beginning to deconstruct this piece of music and writing down what I can see and feel after listening to the composition, and instruments used.


0:00 The Stings that start this piece of music give me the impression of a very light atmosphere, and I get the sense of height from them. These strings combined with the soft piano feel very ‘floaty’ as if passing through clouds.

0:40 As the flute begins, the feel of the music shifts slightly and the sense of rising or lifting stops. At this point there is a very calm feel, with a very still atmosphere. The flute brings with it a slight oriental feel, and this is where I have the idea of a temple or palace of some sort. Along the path leading to this structure I can imagine small ruins, aged from the wind and snow.

1:24 The strings join again and tension begins to build leading to the climax of the song. This is when the temple comes into full sight, the force of the strings give the sense of this huge and magnificent structure, high upon the mountain, with the sun catching the detailed yet worn design.

2:20 The flute enters again, bringing back as sense of peace, I imagine cool blue colours matching that of the mountains surrounding this structure, with the green foliage rising from the ground, creeping around the pillars and buildings after many years. 

I did a very quick sketch just to get down some basic ideas of colours and shapes, inspired by this music. The flute used in the music is very predominant and since it is a very fluid sounding instrument, the design patterns follow this fluid movement. 

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