Monday, 17 June 2013

'Last Flight Out' Refining Concept Art and Block Modeling

After starting the concept art for this digital set, I had some trouble making the cockpit of the plane look distressed without completely taring out the internal mechanisms of the cockpit. In order to give me time to think I begun blocking out a very rough model of the Cessna plane in Maya which helped me with visualizing the cockpit.

Blocking out the model helped me get and understanding of how the cockpit of the plane would lay out so I went back to refining my concept art. I have decided to stick with the sepia tone style which I think works well and it also favors a horror style game as sepia and shadows combine very well. I also decided to leave a line art over the top of the painting as a style choice. I want to try and combine the sepia tones with a simple toon outline, but have the outline a bit rugged and stressed to fit with the horror style and the distressed look of an apocalyptic world.

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