Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Minor Project: Animation Style Influence

For my minor project I had the idea of combining 2D and 3D animation to create an animation in which 2D elements fill a 3D realm if not for a better description. This idea is kind of similar to that of 2.5D, but where as 2.5D focuses on creating a 3D environment from a forced 2D perspective, I want to try and create a 3D space in which all the elements are 2D structures. I have tried to find to find animations which compliment this idea and can provide some influence in to how I can create this style.

MIRAGE from Frederic Kokott on Vimeo.

Set In Sand - YO DRIZZONE! from abandon building on Vimeo.

Bet She'an from Bet She'an Team on Vimeo.


Whilst searching I came across this animation on Youtube which was created for the History Channel which is very similar to the aesthetic feel that I want to create in my animation. The transitions from shot to shot are almost seamless and this is something that I want to capture in my animation.


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