Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Minor Project Initial Proposal: Yggdrasil: An Origin Story

After my follow up tutorial with Phil, I have written an initial proposal which I will refine if necessary after initial planning.

Type of Project: Animation

Area of Study: 2D, 3D, Animation

Project Brief: Create an Interactive animation which clearly divulges the story of the Norse creation myth, to accompany the artifacts on show in the Viking exhibition to be shown next year at The British Museum.  The animation must be 1-3 minutes in length and stylistically accompany the exhibition, incorporating artifacts on show to immerse customers further into the Viking culture.

Outcome: A complete rendered 2D animation which imitates an interactive experience which tells the story of the Norse creation myth, in a concise and direct narrative accompanied by narration.

Goal: I want to further expand my Maya and animation skills and to explore different artistic and animation styles.  I also want to learn how using a correct situational brief can provide proper context which allows me to explore source materials which I find interesting, and use this to create full and exciting projects in the future. 

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  1. boom! This sounds really sane - really solid. Good job, Anthony. The next 'really sane, really solid' thing I want you to do is get stuck into creating a script, which condenses all the information you want to include; let's look at it together, refine it. Move it along very quickly now, so you can get to the 'craft' of turning information into dynamic sequences. Script first, which you then use to plot and transition the visuals, then get a voice artist on board, then create an animatic; move quickly and efficiently. Script!