Thursday, 17 October 2013

@Phil Dissertation Breakdown

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  1. Hi Anthony,

    There is something you MUST do if you're dissertation is actually going to be effective in terms of meeting the research criteria... The thing about discussing screen violence or simulated violence or its effect on people is that this area of study has been of interest to lots of people for many years, which means you MUST deal with the research and the ideas that have gathered around your area of interest. Just do this simple thing: go to Google Scholar and type 'Screen Violence' into the search window - you need to get stuck in, Anthony - or you'll struggle to 'say' anything. Don't be intimidated and don't be put off. This is basic stuff and I'm afraid you've got to commit...

    (I will give you more feedback on the structure etc - but first, do the legwork around the research that exists around the study of violence...)