Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Major Project: Rover Rigging and Texturing

I decided to rig the drill arm on the IMASR rover so it would be functional, the rig is pretty simple, however I ran in to an issue where the axis on one of the joints was reversed causing the arm to rotate in the wrong direction.

Fortunately the fix wasn't too difficult, I manually oriented the joint axis to face the right direction. Because I created the joints in the side orthographic view, I had to connect the joint Z axis with the Drill Arm X axis in order for it to rotate correctly, its a slight error but still functions properly. 

When I originally designed this rover I imagined that the main body would be smooth and sleek so that it would look clean and 'Sci-i-esk' but when I applied the texture it look very plane and boring so I decided to add a bump map to imply a panelling effect on the main body.

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