Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Unit 6: Commision Intital Ideas

Hello everyone! I've been thinking about this final unit for some time now and I have an idea which I think may turn out quite well. My Idea is to show how the cancer cell in an human body is created by the cell duplicating through mitosis enlessly. However I intend to do this by representing the cancerpus cell as a creature that grows and envelops other cells around it.

The Premise of my animation is fairly simple, as the cells in the body divide and duplicate through mitosis, they reach their duplictation limit and are rendered neutral. As this is happening on cell reaches its limit and begins to mutate into a cancerous cell as it continues to devide. The cell continues to devide and transforms into a drak mass that spreads across the body.

My target demographic is the age reange of 18-25, as this is the key demographic. The animation will be designed with an action/horror theme in mind, designed to emphasise how quickly a virus such as cancer can develop and spread.

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