Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Unit 6: Initial cancer Cell Design

I have begun designing the concept art for my cancer cells taking reference from the images in my influence map, these are just some initial designs and nothing is set in stone just yet.

I much prefer the design on the far right and now I'm playing around with the shape of the cell and deciding whether to implement colour into the design or not.

I tried to use some of the colour combinations that I found wile researching the cancer cells but I'm not too sure if the colour works well. It may be that I decide to not use colour on the cancer cells and keep them black and white. I have also began to design the advance stages of the cancer cell as it begins to duplicate and transform into some sort of creature.

I like how the form of a body has begun to develop from the shape of the advance stage, it reminds me of 'The Blob' which in a way does relate to what i am trying to create, a single entity of mass which consumes the other cells within the body.


  1. Hey Anthony - great to see you already 'thinking out loud' - and I love the 'disco' colours as inspired by those great influence map images. Just a note of caution though - in terms of Maya and rendering times etc. experience tells me that going for these very complex, hairy/fur-derived models can be a bit of a bugger when time is precious. A lot of that writhing quality can no doubt be replicated with textures etc. but just be strategic when you're designing; keep your skill level in mind, your available time and your own experience. I'm not capping your ambition, rather acknowledging the constraints of your 'time budget'. You might want to consider something a little more stylised in terms of form and complexity in terms of the inevitable modelling process etc.