Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Adaptation: Dream Realm Design and Concept

It has taken me a while to finally get this idea down on paper as I have been struggling with it for some time, but it is finally coming to shape. As the lack of knowledge about the objective of my proposed game world has hindered my design, I have gone back to think on the players journey through the game. As I am designing only the final scene of this game, the final level if you will, the context of the players journey is somewhat lost, and so I been thinking on how the player arrives at this final scene.

A young girl lives in an orphanage where she is bullied  by the other children and mistreated by the staff, and not knowing her parents or having any friends means she has no one to confide in. This leaves her longing for a place where she can escape from the miserable reality she lives, and so, at night she dreams of a better place, a word where she can be free and needs not to worry about anything as this place is a peaceful refuge, one which only she can visit.

As the main character, you enter this girls dream world in order to bring her back to reality, to rescue her from her own mind as she is slowly consumed by her dream realm. The main stages of the game takes place as you explore the twisted corridors of the orphanage, personified in the little girls dream world. Each door you open leads to another strange and horrific scene in which you must battle against the horrors of the orphanage as you uncover and defeat the main sources of the girl's insecurities. This leads to boss fights against members of staff and children, whom reveal their true form in the nightmarish orphanage. The overall objective in the game is to find where the girl is hiding, and bring her back to reality, this final stage is the girl's personal 'happy place' where she dreams of being, away from the terrors of tortured life.

I also spent some time thinking about the different mobs that you may encounter in the halls of the orphanage, and I am sketching up some concepts to give an image of the kind of horrors you may cross. 


  1. that middle image is your strongest, boldest and most imaginative drawing! More please! :)

  2. I agree, the second is definitely the strongest!