Sunday, 23 June 2013

'Last Flight Out' Modelling Update

So here is a quick update on the modelling of my plane, there is now just a few things left to finish such as the detailing on the main dash board area and then going in and adjusting it to make it seem beaten and distressed. I had made a start on UV mapping the interior when I realised that it would have to be redone once I had completed the 'distressing' of the plane, I am aiming to have the model completed by tomorrow if all goes well, so I can get started on the UV's and texturing.


  1. Hi Anthony

    Your model is for a game right? If so then your geometry is too 'heavy' and 'messy'. Games models need to have the lowest amount on geometry as possible and the most organised. Texture do 50%+ of the work too and also need to economic and efficiently layout. Saying its for a game doesn'y make it a games model... Take a look at these examples of Dan Rolph's work below

    Remember too that this is a 50's/60's horror based game and those themes need to be in everything you do, textures, camera work, and lighting. Again, saying its horror doesn't make it horror, it has to be in its DNA.

  2. *on = of
    * doesn'y = doesn't

    Note: Look up games models and take a look how they are built.